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The easiest way to avoid the Quicktime nightmare, is simply to not install it and instead use a codec pack.

Years ago, Quicktime use to provide a tab in the options for file associations that worked (Imagine that years ago it used to be easier). Each time Quicktime runs it checks file types/mime types and re-associates them. There are 2 problems with the system, as it is now. The unselected files are still associated with Quicktime, and with each update, the settings are overwritten by the installer (you will have to change them back... again).

So, first things first:

Uninstall Quicktime and get a codec pack. Perhaps this one:


Change the default application via Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Default Programs

Or you can try:

The Quicktime control panel applet, goto Control Panel\All Control Panel Items QuickTime or QuickTime (32-Bit) and click on the Browser Tab. From there click on File Types select/deselect the filetypes you would like associated with the application and click save. Repeat it for MIME Settings...

Note: At times, the Quicktime control panel may show it is not associated with a filetype when it is, or vice versa. Performing a toggle save/untoggle save after an update can at times correct Quicktime showing incorrect associations.

You may find that this does not work, Thanks Apple! Rolling Eyes

1) Open registry edit after creating a system backup.

2) Browse to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\audio/mpeg

3) Change the CLSID's for mpeg and mpg files from {4063BE15-3B08-470D-A0D5-B37161CFFD69} (which is Quicktime) to {cd3afa83-b84f-48f0-9393-7edc34128127} (Windows Media Player).

See Attached images for examples (shown are for Windows 7).

You may also need to remove Quicktime .dll files from your Internet browser plugin folder(s).

1) Perform a search for npqtplugin
a)you are looking for npqtplugin.dll However, Quicktime (aka Apple) thinks that it requires extra copies of the file and may use a backup system producing files named npqtplugin1, npqtplugin2, npqtplugin3, etc. etc.... How nice of them~Not!

2) Delete the files, and test your browser(s).
a)There should be no issues, but things change, so if you run into a problem restore them from your Recycle bin and seek help

Example 2
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Example 1
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