Site updates near completion
Date: Saturday, March 26, 2011 @ 21:24:45 CDT
Topic: PhotosbyTom

Along with updates to RavenNuke I have also created a second theme (skin) similar to the one I had previously edited into existence! Currently there should be 3 themes, Lt. Blue, Gray, and most recently Black...

 Along with these changes, I have also updated Gallery 2 as well as re-themed it. I understand much of this will not really affect anyone but me and close friends and family who stumble onto the site  but I enjoy letting you all know just the same! On the security side, I can assure you that recent updates and adjustments have made for a more secure site.

 I have also rearranged the forums and added some new ones. Something I have been planning to do for awhile has also started, posting more images into the forums. That about wraps it up, and enjoy!

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