Nikon Releases Nikon Transfer and Nikon ViewNX Software!
Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2007 @ 06:59:44 CDT
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Sept. 13, 2007

Nikon this week released two new software applications, the image upload program Nikon Transfer version 1.0.1 and the image browser Nikon ViewNX version 1.0.0. The software are compatible with both Windows and Macintosh platforms and are currently available online.

Nikon Transfer 1.0.1 is a software application that transfers images captured from Nikon digital cameras or memory media to a computer. The uploaded images contain embedded metadata, such as copyright information, ratings, and file titles, during data transfer, according to a Sept. 11 Nikon post.

Users can select a specific image browser to launch automatically after images are moved using Nikon Transfer. Nikon recommends the Nikon Transfer be used in concert with the new Nikon ViewNX 1.0.0 image browser.

ViewNX is meant for viewing standard JPEG sizes, as well as larger RAW (NEF) files. Users can browse through their photos in three views: Thumbnail Grid, Image Viewer, and Full Screen. The management software also retains XMP and IPTC information and displays histograms, highlights, shadows, and focus area.

“ViewNX and Nikon Transfer offer smooth collaboration. Use of these two applications together is convenient and recommended,” states the company website.

Nikon Transfer v1.0.1 and NikonView NX v1.0.0 are available for download at the Nikon Knowledge Database download page.

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